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Each market has its own distinctive trading system, its own function and therefore its own strategic approach. The strong knowledge base of the international markets, our engagement with different and specialized business sectors and sectors of activity, our international presence through the dynamic network of strategic partnerships, the implementation of a reliable system of analysis, information and hedging, and above all the cultivation mutual trust relationships make Whitetip Investments your valued partner in every investment transaction.

In each of our partnerships, a Whitetip Investments expert addresses each individual aspect and acts on your intended transaction. The experienced executive staff of our company is available 24/7 either by telephone or via the specially designed order transfer platform and electronic transaction execution to meet your every need and targeting at all times.

Saxo Bank- IB Partner

Our collaboration with Saxo Bank is a strategic choice.

SAXO BANK A/S is an investment bank, fully licensed and supervised by the European legislative framework. Based in Copenhagen, operates in financial centers around the world, including London, Singapore, Paris, Zurich, Dubai and Tokyo.

Its high capital adequacy ratio (Tier 1 Capital Ratio 17.1%), coupled with the £ 100k Guarantee provided by the Danish Government to the most trusted investment banks, is reflected in the large number of deposits of its customers (more than € 13 billion), thus demonstrating the increased trust of its customer base.

Mutual Funds

30,000 Mutual Funds – 28 Mutual Funds of Piraeus AEDAK – 10 sub funds PiraeusInvest.

Having signed a Sub-Distribution Share Agreement, Whitetip Investments SA undertakes to mediate the units of the Funds managed by “Piraeus Asset Management Mutual Fund Management SA” (“Piraeus AEDAK“), and the shares of the sub-funds of the Luxembourg-based PiraeusInvest fund. The latter are provided by Piraeus Mutual Fund in Greece, under a relevant distribution agreement signed with the managing company Piraeus Asset Management Europe. At the same time, in addition to the above 28 Mutual Funds, our company has access to the international Mutual Funds platform of the Bank with over 30,000 different Mutual Funds of International Managers.

With years of history in the field, Piraeus Asset Management Mutual Fund has one of the most experienced management teams. It covers the whole spectrum of the market with Mutual Funds of all types and investment categories and sophisticated management services personalized for individuals and specialized for institutional clients.

PIRAEUS BANK SA was established in 1916. Its headquarters are based in Athens, it has a presence in 8 countries and total assets of € 76.6 billion. PIRAEUS BANK SA is now a leader in the Greek market.

Forex & CFD Trading

For clients with a high risk profile, Argus Stockbrokers Ltd (ArgusFX) provides the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) trading platform in 3 currency bases (USD, EUR and PLN). ArgusFX is a fully licensed financial services company and a member of the CSE, ASE and ADEX licensed and supervised by the CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission). ArgusFX also has a bank account in Greece, so customers can also deposit money on this account.

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